a flat icon set for OS X


Click here to download as a .zip


There are a few icon managers out there. I use LiteIcon.

Just drag and drop the .icns files (in the icns folder) onto their corresponding applications, and then log out and back in to refresh the dock.

I recommend using a 2D dock with this icon set. Instructions are in the README.md.


Made with love by Tina as an alternative icon set for people who want a flat, more uniform dock.


For icon requests, either file an issue on GitHub (preferred) or tweet me.

To keep up to date with new icons, keep an eye on the GitHub. New icons will be posted on the website in batches.


The project is on GitHub. If you want to create your own icons, the vectors of all existing icons as well as a template are available in the repo and in the download link. Feel free to send me a pull request after.